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Who are you? I'm Banana, a lonely house pet. You have many choices really, the clans are down there near that lake. I prefer the nice, cozy house that the no hairs provide. Oh, you don't know what a house is? Well it's a nest but less bugs and is protected... like a barn.

Please, sit. I won't attack you so you can smooth down your fur. I've heard many things about the clans, I used to be in one actually. I know, it's weird to think that me, a kittypet have been in a clan. I just didn't like the harsh, cold nights that leaf bare brought us.

You'd have to be tough to join one. They aren't very keen on visitors or intruders. If you decide to be a kittypet or rogue, just keep off of their territory and they should leave you alone. I really should be going, I hear my no hairs calling me. Well goodbye and good luck!

*Please continue to WC RULES*

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I have not been active on this site for over a year. I stopped reading warrior cats for awhile but now I am getting into it again! Meaning I will be fixing up this website and updating everything that's needed. Feel free to message me if you need any help with anything for I will try to respond as fast as I can!