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Leader: Applestar

Gender: Female

History: Applestar used to be a kittypet. She was found near the edge of Thunderclan border. When she was younger her mother and her got away from their abusive owners. During the winter, her mother was captured by twolegs while they were walking in the snow. Her mother, Frost, hid her as the twoleg picked her up and put her in the monster and went off. When Apple was hid, her mother pushed her off the side of the small hill on purpose, knowing she would land in the flowing, shallow, river below. Apple trudged out and was scared being face to face with a giant cat. The cat, known as Bramblestar picked her up and carried her to camp. She turned into and apprentice the next day but caught a severe cold she learned was called greencough. Later on she pulled through which amazed the one and only Bramblestar for the medicine cat barely used any medicine to help Apple. Later on, Bramblestar knew that Apple was the strongest leader there could ever be.

Deputy: _____

Gender: _____

History: _____

Medicine cat: _____

Gender: _____

History: _____

Medicine cat app: _____

Gender: _____

History: _____