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  It's your destiny


Hello? Who are you? I was just on my way to the clans... Im Applestar! Leader of Thunderclan... Dare to enter the life of a clan cat? While I show you around, follow these rules.

1. Please don't cuss!

2. Don't use the same name as someone else. Ex. Shushkit and Shushkit in the same clan? Confusing. You can use it in different clans - or if you're a rogue loner or kitty pet.

3. There will be Twoleg houses! You may rp a Twoleg but please focus more on a cat?

4. Don't name yourself after things only twolegs would know. Ex: Citykit Or Carcat. Or even Televisionkit. Please don't unless a Twoleg gave you that name!

5. Don't make fun, and if you are not an admin do not boss people around.

6. You cannot be a tiger or a lion or a bird, mouse, insect etc.

7. I prefer you to rp like the book. ex: "Hello Mousekit!" I licked her fur and sat down near her.

8. Please do not abbreviate You can abbreviate training hollow thunderclan etc.. Don't do: "Yo waddup?" or "I went to the dh" ( drinking hole) its confusing.

9. Please do not rp more than 5 characters. Unless approval.

10. Do not spam the Leader dens!

11. Please do not advertise anything on this site!

12. Don't let your cat know anything human! like: "Mousefur got hit by a car!" or "All I did was walk in the street!" etc.! Unless your cat was Twoleg owned.

13. Please do not use Kitkit as a name. Or even Pawkit - it will soon go into Pawpaw! - 

14. Please do not add another box without permission, I will delete it if I need to.

15. Please do not spam me asking for admin! You must earn it!

16. Also remember to use OCC () when not rping. ex: "Hello! I am here for a minute then I must leave to see Shadowpaw!" (p.s. Slenderpelt is waiting for you in the training hollow. )

17. Please do not have Star in your name! It will be confusing if you become leader. ex: Starstar jumped and attacked the cat.

18. Don't have star after your name! Unless you are a leader!

19. Please don't connect yourself to a Warrior Cat in the Erin Hunter book. Ask me first!

20. If you want kits please don't post anything sexual about the mating in the chat! Just OCC! Ex: I purr. "I am having kits!" (Can you be the father?)

Just do that!

21. Please ask me if you want to fight with another clan.

22. Please ask me before making a prophecy. Same with fighting.

Please make your account. Go to 'Sign up' and choose your clan you desire to be in. Please fill out your name and rank and your name shall be up soon. If you wish to roleplay, scroll over your clan and press 'RP' to start roleplaying.