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Leader: Squirrelstar

Gender: Female

History: When Squirrelstar was a kitten, she never really took anything seriously. No matter what the other cats told her, she wanted to do things her way. At the time she was made 'Squirrelpaw', that was when her world changed completely. She decided to up her game and try her very best in training. Although she fell behind most of the other apprentices, she didn't quit halfway and give up so easily. Soon, she was made a warrior. Gaining the approval of her fellow warriors, Squirrelstar was soon appointed as the Deputy. Rather surprised that the previous Leader had chosen her, Squirrelstar didn't let it go to waste. Now that the previous Leader had lost all lives, she soon moved up to fulfill her role as the next Leader. Squirrelstar will not allow her Clan to fall into the paws of the wrong cat, and will do anything she can to protect any of the cats from harm's way.

Deputy: _____

Gender: _____

History: _____

Medicine cat: _____

Gender: _____

History: _____

Medicine cat app: _____

Gender: _____

History: _____